StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorsGeminimax, chulipinho
GenreRhythm, Action
Tags2D, Top-Down


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Really cool game, I enjoyed the music the most. 

Getting used to the rythm so I can dash all the the time was a little tricky. But that is just my skill issue :D.

Enemies are unique so overall the game makes you engaged on what you have to do next but there is enough space for you to plan acordingly. 

Overall very cool and enjoyable game. 

Could use some more visual polish. Maybe some juicy sounds and it would be something I would could see myself spending money on as a mobile experience maybe. :)

how do i fight? why do i not regain health when i pass level? why there isnt checkpoint? if this is survival game, why do you make level? just keep add monster!

too many problem, so only 3/5

You do regain your health when you pass level. There's also a checkpoint after each level, there are only 2 of them though. On stage 2 there's a tutorial on how to fight.  

There are levels because it's a rhythm based  game and each level has a unique song and beat, a endless stage would get pretty repetitive. This is also the reason why there aren't checkpoints mid-stage, they would break the flow of the song.

A shame you didn't like it, but it is a pretty hard  game and not for everyone :(

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oh, but why i die then i respawn to first level?

need a better way to see level progress, not only the progress bar(which is useless, its dont really show how far you get, only show sublevel not show level progress)(the even worse thing is last sublevel of level 1 dont have a progress bar, so you dont know how long u should survival)

4/5 now, i will try to get level 2 this time

edit 2: need a option that allow you to suicide by press a button and skip the spawn waiting

edit 3: at last level, im not attacking and dashing (cuz timing is hard for me), im playing it as a very low framerate bullet hell game lol (and its still doable and easy)

I could do a level progress indicator. By spawn waiting, do you mean the animation when the stage begins?

On level 2 you'll need to attack and dash because there'll be some sub-stages where you need  to defeat all enemies, so the it's a little harder. 

Thanks for giving it a second try!

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yes, i hate the attack/dash timing, lol(prob im just noob)

spawn waiting is the animation when level begin(and sublevel waiting that need you wait for monster come and level start)

make the enemy kill each other


Cool game, Nice music! interesting mechanics!

Thanks for playing :)

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Hey, I missed your game during the GWJ playtesting stream but I caught up on it with the win announcement. Here’s the broadcast it starts around 00:10:00. Next time you participate I’ll gladly include your game!

Very good entry, the win is deserved. Clever idea, well polished game with a good soundtrack, which of course is highly important for this genre.

I like that the game progresses mechanic by mechanic in a form of a dynamic tutorial. I would have like more checkpoints and maybe a level selection or something.

I found something that looked like a bug during the playthrough, the ghost enemy would target two blocks away because my attack made him move away.

Anyway congratulations! Will you expand on this game?


Thanks for playing!!!

A lot of people asked me about checkpoints, but I think that would break the flow of a stage. I believe the bigger issue is that the game can be quite challenging and there isn't a lot of time for the player to really learn the mechanics before things start to get crazy. To fix this, I'm plan to make a few more stages and smooth the difficulty curve between them. 

The ghost highlight is indeed a bug, and I found another bug with the vases by watching your stream :P. I'll get them fixed in the next version. I'm hoping to do a small QoL/bugfix update and a larger one with more content.


Nice game! You can interrupt enemy spawns by standing on them as they are about to spawn. I am not sure if this is an intended mechanic, but it looks like it messes up the level where it teaches you to attack. I blocked a ghost from spawning and then defeated the other one, and the level would not progress.


Yeah, that's a bug!  The second level is quite bugged to be honest. I'll be releasing a bug fix patch later today.


This game is pretty fun, and looks very Polished!
The enemies were unique,
Somehow reminds me of a game called Crypt of the Necrodancer though i haven't played that yet.
Overall i really like the game.

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Thanks! Crypt of the Necrodancer is certainly and inspiration. Fun thing is I didn't play it either hahaha!


Super cool  game ! :)

Feel free to check my own entry for the jam <3


Wow, love the game graphics, audio and gameplay all great


Very, very cool.