Post Jam Update 1 - Bugfixes and QoL

Hey everyone,  

This is the first of the 2 planned updates for SoulBeat, and it's focused mainly on fixing bugs and adding some QoL features people requested. Next update will be focused on content, adding 2 more levels. 

Patch notes:

  1. Fixed enemies not spawning projectiles when the player blocks the spawning position
  2. Fixed enemies highlighting the wrong tile when pushed by an attack
  3. Tutorial will now only show once per stage, and won't repeat on death
  4. Added a danger animation when the player will move into the edge of the stage
  5. You can now end a time limit challenge earlier by defeating all enemies
  6. Solos become more challenging if the player defeats a set number of enemies
  7. Missing a dash/attack will now make the player stay in place (Hopefully this will make missing less punishing)
  8. Added a new title screen and a new intro music

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