The local zoo magical creature collection has escaped! It's your job to escort them back safely. Be careful though , as they are not very thrustworthy companions...


  • Move with arrow keys.
  • Press shift to move slower
  • Press Z to shift queue order

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Action
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Top-Down


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it would be nicer if there was an indication of the path that the creatures would take with a dashed line or something. It’s a bit frustrating not knowing how they’ll rotate and such. But well polished

Thanks for playing, that's a nice suggestion! 


Holy cow your games are hard-

Hahahaha I know. The thing is they're all mostly jam games and I really want to explore each of the mechanics to the limit, which ends up making for a very steep difficulty curve. 

Thanks for playing by the way!


Made a video


Awesome! It was so fun seeing you play it. 

Too bad I couldn't get my little balance patch out earlier. Maybe I should also nerf level 5 a bit, you (and a lot of other people) had some though times with it.


Happy you enjoyed the video. The game was still really fun even though it started getting kind of hard in the game jam version but at least you fixed it for future players.


Very charming art style, very cool mechanic. Congrats on this entry, it looks good and it's fun to play! I like the additional level design elements being added as you progress. Maybe add some health pickups for noobs like me? I have yet to finish it, it's pretty challenging!

Good job!


Thanks! The game does get quite difficult, I'm really bad at balancing jam games. I'll release a small balance patch after the rating period ends though. 

I don't know if you got that far but I actually took a lot of inspiration( ok, I stole it ) from energy restore lightning animation :P


Yeah it's hard to balance, after my first game I started leaning more towards the easy side, my thought being: if it's too easy it will maybe less interesting, but if it's too hard it'll be outright frustrating and less accessible to people. Most of them are only gonna invest only a small fraction of the time I playtest it.

I haven't got to the lightning part yet, but I'm glad that was useful!

That's a good mindset ! I just really feel the need to squeeze the maximum depth of each feature I make, but without a proper difficulty curve due to the short amount of content, It ends up ramping up too fast. Next jam I think I'll hide  the harder parts under a "hard mode" or something like that.


cool new game :) quite original to have put escorting npcs as the main goal, its a bit hard to anticipate the bots movement and not get hit, other than that i really like it, music is chill and the pixel art is cool 

(1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback! 

There is a warning right before each creature "attack", but I'll also be adding a sound cue in the next update so it's clearer.


Yeah i didn't notice the exclamation point at first :p but an additional sound cue would definitively be a good addition


very nice game. i really really like the music!

Thanks for playing! :)


Great Game!
The last level was so hard that I hated it.

Hahahaha I'll admit I didn't properly test it because I was running out of time. Thanks a lot for playing and getting that far!


This game is awesome, the art its really good, the animations, the concept of the game is perfect, a really good introduction on the game, Perfect i loved.


Hey, thanks for playing! I'm glad you like it :)