Post Jam Update!

Hey guys! 

First of all I'd like to thank everyone who rated my game during the jam, it was a great experience and I'm very happy I could get second place. One of the main complaints I got during the jam rating was that the game was too difficult, and I completely agree. So I made this balance patch to make the game way harder!

Ok, I'm just kidding. I did make some parts a little harder, as  to make the difficulty curve more consistent. However, I have also nerfed the last level, which was probably the part people had the most problems with.


  • Cloudy now is removed from the follower queue when using it's attack
  • Added a sound cue before each creature's attack
  • Changed level 4 music and tileset
  • Slowed down Sleepy attack rate when enraged, and projectiles are spawned farther alway from the player
  • Made level 6 harder
  • Made level 7 easier

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Jun 10, 2020 19 MB
Jun 10, 2020 18 MB
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Jun 10, 2020

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