Post Jam Update 1

It's been almost two weeks since Infinity Dream's initial release for Godot Wild Jam 20, but we are still excited to keep working on it and deliver a finished game. 

This first post-jam update is mostly about polishing/balancing. We have rebalanced the whole game, and the difficulty scaling is a lot slower now. The second loop was extremely challenging in the original jam version, and that made most players give up before reaching the "end" of the game (It's actually infinite, but the game was balanced around 3 loops). The loop 3 battles are still very challenging, but hopefully the difficulty curve is smoother.

We have also added some very requested QoL features, such as pausing and auto-saving.

What's Next

There's something big coming...

Patch Notes

  1. Created a new intro screen and intro menu
  2. Implemented auto-save functionality
  3. Implemented pause functionality
  4. Implemented a new firing mode for the player
  5. Rebalanced the whole game
  6. Made the intro texts in each battle easier to read
  7. Added sound effects


InfiniteDream - Linux 48 MB
May 01, 2020
InfiniteDream - Mac 47 MB
May 01, 2020
InfiniteDream - Windows 47 MB
May 01, 2020

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Cool to see a post jam update ^^, the difficulty tweak is quite welcome, i still suck at bullet hell games though so i couldn't get passed the 1st boss on the 3rd loop XD, but that's on me cause now the game while still hard has the 2nd loop way more managable.

I like what seems to be next from the teaser :)

It's great that you could get to the 3rd loop! It gets really hard from there, and although that's intentional, I'm not sure if I'm completely happy with the difficulty curve yet.  If you found something to be unfair or unbalanced, please share your thoughts!

Thanks for playing and stay tuned. The next update is going to have quite a bit of new content.


Well difficulty is a hard thing to balance but i'd say it felt fair, especially considering you intended the game to be a lot harder after the 2nd loop, it'll be nice to see what you have in store in the future though :)

PS : sorry to botheryou, but noob question, how did you manage to make a build with a stand alone exe and no pck file ? Cause that would be good to know how to do :p

It's quite simple : in the export configuration, under the "Binary Format" section, there is an option called "Embed Pck", just tick that on.

Welp silly me, it was that easy and i didn't even noticed :P

thanks :)